I'm Miguel Ángel.

I'm a university student but, apart from that, and among other things, I dedicate my spare time to develop various projects. Here you will find them all and you will be able to know me a little better, even though you can also follow me on social media.
A little bit about me

There are many things I'm passionate for. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

About my major

Future engineer and mathematician

I am currently studying the Double Major in Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Granada, Spain. To ease things for future students and publish some of the interesting thinks I have made as part of my career, I have decided to publish all the content I have produced, and you have it available below.

Apart from my major...

Member of Escuela de Liderazgo Universitario

A community of university students from all across Spain convinced that talent gets value when it's put at the service of society. We believe in community leadership, and we want to make our university period a moment of training and developing talent and leadership, through academic education and mentoring in order to obtain solid knowledge about humanity, the world and the challenges our society faces.

One of my projects

IT manager of @yo­te­ayudo­con­la­sele

I am responsible of the development and maintenance (as well as the development of various applications) of the IT infrastructure of @yo­­te­­ayudo­­con­­la­­sele, a nonprofit initiative devoted to helping students of 2º Bachillerato from all over Spain to prepare their college entrance exams

Something else about me...

Winner of one of the fifty Becas Europa XII

An unforgettable trip around Europe (Bolonia, París, Londres, Oxford, Heidelberg...) searching for the true meaning of University... among other things.

Discover my projects

Here you will find many of the projects I have developed or have been a part of.



March 2020-today
IT manager

Voces Universitarias II

Voces Universitarias II: Tecnología y Humanismo

March 2020
Organizer, designer and web developer



December 2019
Original idea and creator

Bloomgogo War Bot

Bloomgogo War Bot

July 2019
Original idea and creator

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🌱 My main interests are...
artificial intelligencebig datasocial entrepreneurshipproject managementtopologymathematical modellingserver adminmusicweb developmentgraphic designcloud computingand much more...
👷 I work with...
PythonC++JavaScriptJavaRubyGoUbuntu ServerBootstrapDjangoJekyllWordPressHTML5CSS3ReactLaTeXRaspberry PiArduinoVSCodeIllustratorInkscape

Open Source

I am a firm advocate of free software, and that is why the code of the majority of my projects is publicly available on my GitHub profile, with open licenses.


A webapp to generate sentences with pictograms



War has started, on Twitter



Script for translating Markdown files (*.md) to LaTeX output (*.tex)


Social media

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