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Data & Machine Learning Engineer

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Hi there!

I'm Miguel Ángel. I'm currently a Data & Machine Learning Engineer. I have studied Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics, and I am now pursuing a Master's Degree in Data Science and Computer Engineering. I love to continuously learn and make things to help others.

Here, you can get to know me a little better. Welcome!



I'm currently working at ...

I am currently working as a Data & Machine Learning Engineer in Coinscrap Finance. Previously, I have worked in Cisco as a Software Consulting Engineer (Software Automation), and in CrowdFarming as a Data Scientist.

I have also started a non-profit, developed apps and more. You can view more of my work experience in my resume.

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I have studied / I am studying ...

I am pursuing a Master's Degree in Data Science and Computer Engineering (University of Granada, Spain). Previously, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science Engineering (also in University of Granada, Spain).

Besides, I have also been part of the University Leadership School (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid), where I had the opportunity to study philosophy, politics, economy and much more.

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I'm interested in...

computer sciencemachine learningbig dataclimate changelarge language modelscloud computingcomputer visioncomputability theorylogicnatural language processingsocial entrepreneurshiptopologymathematical modellingserver administrationweb developmentgraphic design

Fun fact: I also love music, swimming and sunsets.


Do not hesitate to contact me!

If you want to develop anything and are interested in counting on me, feel free to contact me! I love giving life to ideas, especially if they are related to social issues.

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