Miguel Ángel

Computer Science and Mathematics

I am Miguel Ángel, currently a Data Scientist on my last year of university studies that loves continuously learning and making things to help others. Here, you can get to know me a little better. Welcome!

🎓 Education

I'm currently enrolled in ...

I am currently on my last year of studies at the Double Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics (University of Granada, Spain). In there, I have mainly focused on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, focusing on Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Computer Vision. As well, I have grown an interest on statistics, geometry and topology. You can view my course materials here.

I have also been trained by Cisco at the Incubator Program 9.0, where I learned about routing and switching, network automation, cybersecurity and other advanced technologies, while obtaining the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification in the process.

🔭 Work

I’m currently working on ...

I work as a Data Scientist in CrowdFarming, a new agricultural model which links farmers with the consumers and aims to revolutionize the food supply chain. As part of the team, I work on developing and testing models to improve business and user experience.

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👯 After-hours

I’m looking to collaborate on ...

I have had the chance to take part in awesome, innovative projects, either as the sole developer or by being part of the founding team. These projects range from crisis response and education to entertainment and media.

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🌱 Interests

My main interests are / I’m currently learning ...

computer science
machine learning
big data
cloud computing
computer vision
computability theory
social entrepreneurship
mathematical modelling
server admin
network automation
web development
graphic design

Fun fact: I also love music, swimming and sunsets.

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If you want to develop anything and are interested in counting on me, feel free to contact me! I love giving life to ideas, especially if they are related to social issues.

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