Miguel Ángel

Computer Science and Mathematics

Hi! I am Miguel Ángel. I'm currently training to become a Consulting Engineer in Cisco Professional Services, in the Service Provider technology. I have studied Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics, and I love to continuously learn and make things to help others.

Here, you can get to know me a little better. Welcome!

🔭 Work

I’m currently working on ...

I am under training to become a Consulting Engineer in Cisco. Cisco is a leading networking company that makes much of the gear used to power the Internet, including hardware and software, as well as telecommunications equipment and other technological services. Cisco works in the areas of networking, security, blockchain, AI/ML, and more.

As part of this training, I am currently working as a Technical Consulting Engineer (TAC Engineer) in the Enterprise LAN Switching technology.

Previously, I have worked as a Data Scientist in CrowdFarming, a new agricultural model which links farmers with the consumers and aims to revolutionize the food supply chain. As part of the team, I worked on developing and testing models to improve business and user experience, including a recommendation system and fraud prevention algorithms.

You can view more work experience in my resume.

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🎓 Education

I have studied / I am studying ...

I am finishing my dissertation thesis for my studies at the Double Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science Engineering and Mathematics (University of Granada, Spain). In there, I have mainly focused on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, especially on Machine Learning, Business Intelligence and Computer Vision. As well, I have grown an interest on statistics, geometry and topology. You can view the content I have produced during my studies on GitHub.

Besides, I have also been part of the University Leadership School (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid), where I had the opportunity to study philosophy, politics, economy and much more.

👨‍🎓 Self-learning

I’m currently learning ...

I like to learn new technologies that match my interests. Lately, I am learning how to use Google Cloud Platform for Machine Learning, as well as learning more about Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing (Convolutional Neural Networks, Transformers...).

I will soon post my projects related to these topics here!

👯 After-hours

I’m looking to collaborate on ...

I have had the chance to take part in awesome, innovative projects, either as the sole developer or by being part of the founding team. These projects range from crisis response and education to entertainment and media.

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🌱 Interests

My main interests are ...

computer science
machine learning
big data
cloud computing
computer vision
computability theory
natural language processing
social entrepreneurship
mathematical modelling
server admin
network automation
web development
graphic design

Fun fact: I also love music, swimming and sunsets.

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If you want to develop anything and are interested in counting on me, feel free to contact me! I love giving life to ideas, especially if they are related to social issues.

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